Ellen Ripley by Ïve Bastrash.

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One of the most favorite things in a whole wide world: Bryan Cranston tears up during Aaron Paul’s Emmy winning speech.

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Actual internal dialogue from Takiawase. (Sorry not sorry).


Steal a fresh glimpse of Assassin’s Creed Unity in motion! 


Alissa White-Gluz  |  Get ready for Arch Enemy “War Eternal” (x)


Arch Enemy - War Eternal


favorite songs of all time. ever. (7/?)

sick, sick, sick by queens of the stone age.

Young, dumb, don’t see a problem
Bloodshot, stare like a hoodlum
Simple as this I’m in love with the risk
I know what I’ve done, but tell me what did I miss
So, please don’t save something
Waste not, save nothing
Lose the halo, no need to resist
A lick of the lips and my grip on your hips.

“[Sick, Sick, Sick] is the Fairy God Prince of the Gutter, touching everyone on the head and releasing them from their shackles of guilt.” —Josh Homme.



Too soon Bats.


January 1, 1:55 am

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Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham Knight trailer (x)