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  • me: damn its hot as fuck outside
  • me: *wears all black*





Papa Emeritus @ Backstage

He looks really nervous. And in the third one, he’s talking to himself.

We just adore these gifs. :)

"Okay, everything is done. No need to worry. I can go on vacation in peace. I have not forgotten anything."
"I Watered the plants…. Turned off the lights… Feed the fishes…. Took care of the dishes…. Cleaned the bathtub…."
"…Turned off the oven….."
"…. Fuck."

(I can’t help that I need to put words on every Ghost-gif I see, okay?)

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I just realized how much these characters grow throughout these games

Like Garrus for instance, he’s such a child in ME1

And then he grows into this awkward teenager phase where he’s just trying and failing to be an adult

And then in the end he’s suddenly just fully grown and all confident in his own skin and a totally different person from the moment you met him

Aaah Garrus. Cutest fictional-space-dinosaur-boyfriend <3

New Doctor Who character sure looks like Garrus from Mass Effect


"Garrus! We have to stop the Daleks!"

"Can it wait a minute, Doctor? I have to run some calibrations on the Tardis"

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